How much does at-home pet euthanasia cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does at-home pet euthanasia cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does at-home pet euthanasia cost?

$250 – $450cost for at-home euthanasia services
$350 – $750cost for at-home euthanasia & cremation

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$250 – $450 cost for at-home euthanasia services

$350 – $750 cost for at-home euthanasia & cremation

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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In-home pet euthanasia cost

The cost of at-home pet euthanasia averages $250 to $450, depending on the pet's size. Home pet euthanasia costs cover the veterinarian’s travel costs, medications, the euthanasia procedure, and approximately two hours with the veterinarian. Extra fees apply for after-hours visits, cremation or burial services, and keepsakes.

Home pet euthanasia costs
Service Average cost
Home pet euthanasia $250 – $450
Home pet euthanasia
(large breeds)
$300 – $500
Home pet euthanasia with group cremation
(no ashes returned)
$350 – $700
Home pet euthanasia with individual cremation
(ashes returned)
$450 – $900+

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Home pet euthanasia cost vs. other methods

Deciding when it's time to say goodbye to your beloved pet is one of the hardest things a pet owner has to do. As difficult as it is emotionally, you also have to consider the financial costs involved with pet euthanasia.

At-home pet euthanasia costs $250 to $450 and allows your pet to remain comfortable and stress-free in familiar surroundings during their final moments. However, it does come at a higher price than euthanasia performed at a veterinary clinic or other location, which ranges from $50 to $250.

Pet euthanasia cost by location - chart
Pet euthanasia cost by location - chart
Pet euthanasia cost by location
Location Pet euthanasia cost
In-home visit $250 – $450
Vet office $100 – $250
Humane Society $50 – $150
Pet store chain clinic $100 – $250*

*Clinic packages include group cremation services.

A woman on a sofa with her sick dog
A woman on a sofa with her sick dog

What’s included in at-home euthanasia pricing?

An at-home pet euthanasia appointment typically covers:

  • Aftercare planning – Before the procedure, the veterinarian will discuss options like cremation or burial services and memorial keepsakes.

  • Sedation – The vet injects sedation medication first to relax your pet before the final euthanasia injection.

  • Euthanasia – A lethal injection of sodium pentobarbital gently induces loss of consciousness and death.

  • Confirmation of passing – The vet confirms when your pet’s heart has stopped.

Who provides at-home pet euthanasia?

Only licensed veterinarians can legally perform pet euthanasia in a home. Many general practice vets offer house calls for euthanasia.

Additionally, specialized end-of-life veterinarians and companies like Lap of Love and Pet Loss at Home provide private, at-home services. These hospice vets have extensive training to provide thoughtful and comforting at-home euthanasia care and cremation services.

At-home pet euthanasia cost comparison
Provider Euthanasia cost
In-home vet visit $250 – $450
Lap of Love $300 – $400
Pet Loss at Home $300 – $450

Benefits of at-home pet euthanasia

While the euthanasia procedure is the same either at home or in a clinic, they differ in the stress level for you and your pet. With at-home euthanasia, your pet is surrounded by loved ones and their favorite things.

Other benefits of in-home euthanasia include:

  • In-home euthanasia eliminates stressful car rides and unfamiliar smells of the clinic.

  • It allows more privacy for this emotional event without strangers surrounding you in your grief.

  • You have control of the lighting, music, and location, like a favorite napping spot.

  • You avoid the difficult and traumatic transport of a sick or dying pet.

Factors affecting the cost of in-home pet euthanasia

Several factors impact the overall cost of at-home pet euthanasia:

  • Location & travel time – The distance the vet must travel to reach your home impacts the cost. Expect fees on the higher end if you live far from the vet's office.

  • Pet breed & size – More and larger doses of medications are required for bigger pets, increasing costs.

  • After-hours care – Evening, weekend, and holiday appointments typically incur an additional $100+ fee.

  • Keepsakes – Memorial keepsakes like paw print impressions or a lock of fur cost extra.

  • Aftercare options – Burial or cremation services have separate fees.

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A man holding his sick cat
A man holding his sick cat

Aftercare options

Saying goodbye to your beloved companion is hard enough without handing off their remains to a stranger at the clinic. At-home veterinarians eliminate this by transporting your pet directly to trusted cremation facilities themselves or assisting with home burial preparations.

You have several aftercare options once your pet has passed including communal or private cremation, as well as home or cemetery burials.

Pet euthanasia aftercare costs
Service Average cost
Communal cremation $40 – $200
Individual cremation $100 – $450
Cemetery burial $400 – $800+
Home burial Free – $100
Pet urn $50 – $300
Keepsakes $20 – $200

Communal cremation

Communal or group pet cremation costs $40 to $200, with the cost based on the size of your pet. In a communal or mass cremation, multiple pets are cremated together then ashes are scattered in a communal garden as part of the service.

Individual cremation

Individual or private cremation costs $100 to $450, depending on the service provider. In a private cremation, your pet is individually cremated, and their ashes are returned in the urn or wooden box you select.

Cemetery burial

Many local cemeteries offer pet burial services, with costs ranging from $400 to $800+. Pets are laid to rest in a pre-purchased burial plot for the family or in a dedicated pet section of the cemetery. Packages with memorial stones and luxury caskets are more costly.

Home burial

Burying your pet at home is more affordable but has the added emotional toll of digging a burial site for your pet. Also, some local regulations require special burial bags for backyard burials. These burial bags typically cost $50 to $100.


Some people choose to memorialize their beloved pet with a keepsake, such as capturing paw prints in clay or ink, keeping locks of fur, or investing in a custom portrait. Prices for these tokens of remembrance range from $20 to $200.

Pet memorial keepsake costs
Keepsake Average cost
Urn $20 – $200
Paw print $20 – $50
Jewelry (with ashes or fur) $50 – $200+
Custom artwork $100+
Memorial stones $50 – $150

A man hugging his sick dog
A man hugging his sick dog
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How to pay for at-home pet euthanasia

Euthanasia is a tough part of pet ownership, yet the financial costs can still come as a shock. If costs are prohibitive, ask your vet about payment plans or funding assistance programs offered through some cremation services. Additionally, CareCredit provides special financing for veterinary expenses, including end-of-life care.

At-home pet euthanasia FAQs

Can you get your pet euthanized at home?

Yes, at-home pet euthanasia is an option that allows your pet to be euthanized in the comfort of your home rather than at a veterinary clinic. The service is performed by a licensed veterinarian who makes house calls specifically for this purpose.

Is do-it-yourself pet euthanasia at home possible?

No, do-it-yourself pet euthanasia at home is not recommended or legally allowed. Only a licensed veterinarian can administer euthanasia medications. Instead, handle the difficult situation in the most loving and responsible way by working with your vet to either euthanize your pet at their clinic or in your home.

What to expect with at home pet euthanasia?

The vet will first sedate your pet via injection. Within moments, your pet will become completely relaxed and lose consciousness. The vet will then administer sodium pentobarbital intravenously to stop your pet’s heart quickly and painlessly. Your pet will pass away without any discomfort or distress.

How do I prepare for pet euthanasia at home?

With in-home pet euthanasia, the vet will guide you through the peaceful process and help ensure your beloved pet transitions gently surrounded by your love and care. There are some things you can do to prepare for pet euthanasia at home, including:

  • Decide where you want it to happen. This may be a comfortable spot like your pet's bed or somewhere they prefer to lay. Prepare the area with soft bedding and your pet's favorite toys.

  • Consider having family members present to say goodbye.

  • Feed your pet their favorite food that morning if they are still able to eat. Offer them comfort and affection.

  • Discuss aftercare wishes (burial, cremation, paw print) with the vet beforehand.

  • Prepare tissues and comfort items for yourself and family members as this will be difficult.

  • Allow yourself to fully grieve. Remember the joy your pet brought to your life. Consider making a tribute such as a photo book or memorial site.

What questions should I ask the veterinarian?

Deciding to put down your pet is a difficult decision and requires asking your vet some tough questions, such as:

  • Is my pet in pain? Are there any options to ease their discomfort? If not, would euthanasia be the kindest choice?

  • Can you euthanize my pet at home to avoid stressing them further by travel?

  • What are my options for respectful aftercare of my pet’s remains once they have passed?

  • Do you recommend home burial or cremation services?

  • Can you make a paw print or clip of fur, so I have a keepsake to remember my pet?

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