How much does doggy daycare cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does doggy daycare cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does doggy daycare cost?

$20 – $25cost per half-day (per dog)
$30 – $50cost per full-day (per dog)

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$20 – $25 cost per half-day (per dog)

$30 – $50 cost per full-day (per dog)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Doggy daycare cost

Doggy daycare costs $20 to $25 per half day or $30 to $50 per full day, depending on the care type and location. Discounts apply for bringing multiple dogs or buying long-term prepaid plans. Extra services like grooming and training come at an additional cost.

Doggy daycare cost per half day and full day - Chart
Doggy daycare cost per half day and full day - Chart
Doggy daycare cost
Stay length Average cost per dog
Half-day $20 – $25
Full day $30 – $50

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Doggy daycare prices per day

Half-day rates

Doggy daycare costs $20 to $25 per half day on average. Half-day stays are typically up to 6 hours. This dog-care option works well for people who work shorter shifts or parents who run routine errands at the same times weekly.

You can drop off your dog on an as-needed basis or plan in advance if the kennel is very popular.

Full-day rates

Doggy daycare costs $30 to $50 per full day. A full-day stay is typically up to 12 hours. Full-day daycare for your dog is best when you work long shifts away from home or if you work from home and need quiet time.

If you have a puppy, talk to the kennel about the long-term effects of sending it to daycare every day. Your younger dog might benefit more from daycare 2 to 3 times weekly rather than 5 to 6 times a week.

Doggy daycare owners playing with the dogs indoors
Doggy daycare owners playing with the dogs indoors

Dog daycare cost considerations

The following factors affect the cost of doggy daycare:

  • Stay duration – Daily rates decrease for long stays or long-term daycare plans.

  • Facility amenities – High-end facilities with more space, outdoor access, and additional services such as grooming or training typically charge more.

  • Meals – Some doggy daycares charge $3 to $5 per day for feeding your dog if you don't bring their usual food from home.

  • Geographic location – Urban areas with higher costs of living tend to have more expensive doggy daycare services compared to rural areas.

  • Dog size & breed – Higher rates sometimes apply for larger dogs due to the need for more space and food. Prices can increase for breeds that require more special care as well.

  • Vaccination requirements – Some daycare centers require additional vaccinations before they accept your dog, which adds to the overall cost.

  • Discounts – Some daycares offer 10% to 30% off for multiple dogs from the same household. Higher discounts are available with prepaid plans for long-term care.

  • Staff-to-dog ratio – Centers with extra staff to offer personalized care will often charge more.

  • Behavioral assessment – Some centers require a behavioral assessment for an additional fee before accepting a dog.

  • Pick-up & drop-off services – Facilities offering the convenience of transportation for your dog will charge for this extra service. If the kennel has a fixed pickup time and you come late, then some places will charge a penalty fee.

  • Extra services – Add-ons like one-on-one playtime, special treats, or medication administration typically add to the base cost. You'll also pay extra for these other services:

Dogs playing outdoors at doggy daycare
Dogs playing outdoors at doggy daycare

Doggy daycare FAQs

What is doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare is a boarding service or kennel that supervises your pet while you're at work or away on a short trip. Some facilities offer long-term boarding services as well. All doggy daycares offer dog feeding, indoor areas for rest, and outdoor areas for playtime.

Is doggy daycare worth it?

Doggy daycare is worth it to help your pet exercise more while you're away and to save you money on hiring an in-home pet sitter. Leaving your pet at doggy daycare also protects your home from damage the dog would cause when under the stress of being left alone.

Is doggy daycare good for dogs?

Doggy daycare is good for most dogs, especially if they like to socialize with other dogs. A pet often returns home more relaxed after it can play with others, and dogs experience relief from separation anxiety and boredom too.

What do you bring to doggy daycare?

Before you go to doggy daycare, remember to bring:

  • Prescription medications and the dosage instructions

  • Records of vaccines

  • A collar with dog tags and a leash

  • Treats and food that your dog likes

  • A list of any allergies your pet has as well as usual walking and feeding times

Do you tip doggy daycare?

Most people don't tip for doggy daycare. Consider leaving a tip if they provide extra services like grooming at no extra charge. Bringing gift cards or gift baskets of food around the holidays are also well-appreciated gestures of appreciation.

Get free estimates from vets near you.

If the service is exceptional, consider offering 10% to 15% extra as a tip.

How do you choose a doggy daycare?

While you're finding the best doggy daycare near you:

  • Compare service fees from at least 3 doggy daycare centers.

  • Verify that they have a current business license and insurance.

  • Check if they have credentials from:

    • Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC)

    • Pet first aid or CPR training facilities

    • A professional dog training program

  • Read their reviews on Vety and Google.

  • Tour the facility first to observe the general levels of cleanliness.

  • Ask if the daycare provides pet owners with access to a live video feed.

  • Get a clear and detailed payment schedule with terms and conditions.

Questions to ask

Pick the best place for your dog to receive top-notch care by first asking them:

  • How much space will my dog have inside a private kennel?

  • Can I request special food for my dog?

  • How big are the play areas, and how many dogs interact at a time?

  • Do you group dogs by size and/or breed for playtime?

  • When a dog misbehaves, how do you handle it?

  • What's the feeding and socialization schedule?

  • Does your daycare have a live video feed where I can see my dog during the day?

  • How often will I get updates if I get daycare and overnight boarding?

  • Can I bring my dog's favorite bed for them to sleep in?

  • Do you provide dog toys, or should I bring some?

  • Is there a vet nearby that you'll take my dog to if they suddenly get sick?

  • Do you check that all dogs are up to date on their vaccinations?

  • If I have a female dog that's un-spayed, can you ensure that she only plays with other female dogs?

  • Is it a requirement that all dogs here get tick, flea, or lice treatments?

  • Will you give the prescribed medications to my pet, and does that cost extra?

  • What's your cancellation policy?

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