How much does a cat sitter cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does a cat sitter cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does a cat sitter cost?

$10 – $30 average cost per visit
$25 – $75 average cost per day (2 – 3 visits)
$40 – $100+ average cost for overnight (10 – 12 hours)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:

$10 – $30 average cost per visit

$25 – $75 average cost per day (2 – 3 visits)

$40 – $100+ average cost for overnight (10 – 12 hours)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Average cat sitter cost

Cat sitting rates range from $10 to $30 per visit or $25 to $75 per day with 2 to 3 visits. Cat sitter costs vary depending on the length of each visit, number of cats, and services provided. Cat sitter prices are higher for professional sitters with experience, insurance, and bonding compared to hobby sitters.

Cat sitter rates
Time period Hobby cat sitter rate Professional cat sitter rate
Per visit
(15 – 30 minutes)
$10 – $20 $20 – $30
Per day
(2 – 3 visits per day)
$25 – $40 $40 – $75
Overnight rate
(10 – 12 hours)
$40 – $75 $75 – $100+
Weekend rate
(Fri – Sun)
$75 – $175 $125 – $200
Weekly rate $150 – $325 $250 – $350

  • Per visit rates: Cat sitting costs $10 to $30 per visit. If your cat needs minimal care, you may only need a single visit each day. These visits can be as short as 15 minutes for a quick feeding and litter box cleaning or up to an hour for playtime and brushing.

  • Daily rates: The daily rate for a cat sitter ranges from $25 to $75 for cats that need consistent care throughout the day, including multiple litter box cleanings, playtime, feeding, and medication administration.

  • Overnight rates: Overnight cat sitting rates range from $40 to $100+ per night, with sitters staying 10 to 12 hours to care for the cats. Overnight sitting allows cats to remain in their familiar home environment while you’re away.

  • Weekend rates: Cat sitters charge $75 to $200 for stays from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Long holiday weekends typically cost more for the extra night and higher demand.

  • Weekly rate: Booking a full week (7 days) of cat sitting typically costs between $150 and $350. Sitters offer the extended stay discount because the consistent schedule for a longer period is more cost-effective.

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Cat sitter price factors

The cost of cat sitting depends on the number of cats and their specific needs. Since cats can use a litter box, they typically require fewer visits per day than dogs. However, kittens, senior cats, or those with special requirements may need longer or more frequent visits.

Cat sitter price per visit
Number of cats Average cost per visit Average cost per day*
1 $10 – $30 $25 – $75
2 $15 – $35 $30 – $80
3+ $20 – $40 $35 – $85

*Day rates assume multiple visits for feeding, litter box cleaning, playtime, etc.

Several factors influence cat sitting rates, including:

  • Location: Cat sitting rates are higher in urban areas and major cities due to the higher cost of living and running a business in these locations.

  • Visit duration & frequency: Longer visits lasting 45 minutes to an hour typically command higher rates compared to shorter 15- to 30-minute visits. Multiple daily visits will also result in a higher overall daily rate versus a single midday visit.

  • Services provided: Basic cat sitting generally includes feeding, providing fresh water, light playtime/exercise, and litter box cleaning. Additional services like administering medications, extended playtime, grooming, or caring for senior cats or kittens may cost extra.

  • Holiday / peak periods: Cat sitting rates are commonly higher during popular travel periods such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and spring break when demand for pet care services peaks.

  • Other pets: Pet sitters cost more if you have both dogs and cats compared to just cats alone, as dogs require additional services like walking and more frequent potty breaks.

A pet sitter playing with a cat
A pet sitter playing with a cat

Cat sitting FAQs

What is cat sitting?

Cat sitting is a service where a professional caregiver or hobby cat sitter comes to your home to care for your cat while you are away on vacation or a business trip. It allows your cat to stay home rather than be boarded at a facility.

What does a cat sitter do?

The main duties of a cat sitter are to feed and care for the cat, clean litter boxes, provide playtime and affection, and administer medications as instructed. Some cat sitters also send updates and photos to let you know how your cat is doing. They may also bring in mail, packages, and water plants.

Do you tip a cat sitter?

Tipping your cat sitter is not required, but always appreciated. Providing a tip, especially during holidays or for exceptional service, can be a nice gesture of appreciation from satisfied clients.

How do you find a cat sitter?

When it comes to finding a reliable and trustworthy cat sitter, your best option is to use a reputable online service like By choosing our skilled and caring pet sitters, you can rest assured that your beloved cat will receive the highest quality care while you're away.

How long can I leave my cat with a sitter?

You can leave your cat with a professional cat sitter for up to 7 days, with the sitter visiting 1 or 2 times per day for 30 minutes to an hour per visit. For longer trips, consider three daily visits or overnight stays, especially for social cats, kittens, seniors, or those with medical needs.

How to find the best cat sitter

Follow these tips to get accurate estimates from qualified cat sitters near you:

  • Determine the dates you'll need cat sitting, how many visits per day, and the desired visit duration before reaching out. Also, consider if you need additional services like medication administration or playtime which can affect the costs.

  • Contact several cat sitters to compare rates and services offered.

  • Ask about their experience with cats, their cancellation policy, and if they're insured.

  • Request a written estimate that details the cost per visit, the total cost for your service period, and any additional fees such as a holiday surcharge.

  • Look for positive online reviews on and Google to get a sense of the sitter's reliability and experience.

  • Schedule a meet-and-greet with the sitter at your home to assess their interaction with your cat and discuss any specific instructions.

Questions to ask a cat sitter

Ask these important questions to help you choose a cat sitter you can trust to care for your feline friend:

  • How long have you been cat sitting?

  • What services do you typically provide during a visit (feeding, litter box cleaning, playtime, etc.)?

  • Are you comfortable administering medication?

  • Are you bonded and insured?

  • How many visits per day do you recommend for my cat?

  • How long will you stay for each visit?

  • Can you walk me through your typical routine during a visit?

  • How will you handle unexpected situations (e.g., litter box issues, minor cat scratches)?

  • How often will you provide text or email updates on my cat?

  • Are you able to take my cat to the vet in case of illness or injury?

  • Do you offer discounts for multiple visits or longer stays?

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Are you willing to come to my home for a meet-and-greet consultation before the service begins?

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