How much does pet sitting cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does pet sitting cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does pet sitting cost?

$10 – $35 average cost per visit
$30 – $100 average cost per day (3 – 4 visits)
$50 – $150+ average cost for overnight (10 – 12 hour stay)

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$10 – $35 average cost per visit

$30 – $100 average cost per day (3 – 4 visits)

$50 – $150+ average cost for overnight (10 – 12 hour stay)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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Average pet sitting cost

Pet sitting costs $10 to $35 per visit, $30 to $100 per day, or $50 to $150+ for overnight stays. Pet sitting rates depend on the visit duration, number of pets, and services provided. Professional pet sitters charge premium rates but offer a higher level of service, training, and insurance compared to hobby pet sitters.

Average pet sitting rates
Time period Hobby pet sitter Professional pet sitter
Per visit
(15 – 30 minutes)
$10 – $20 $25 – $35
Per day
(3 visits per day)
$30 – $50 $75 – $100
Overnight rate
(10 – 12 hours)
$50 – $95 $100 – $150+
Weekend rate
(Fri – Sun)
$100 – $200 $150 – $250
Weekly rate $200 – $325 $250 – $400

Per visit

Pet sitting costs $10 to $35 per visit. If your pet needs minimal care, you may only need a single visit each day. These visits can be as short as 15 minutes for a quick bathroom break or up to an hour for an extended midday walk and playtime.

Per day

Pet sitting rates per day range from $30 to $100 if your pet needs more consistent care throughout the day, including multiple bathroom breaks, walks, playtime, feeding, and medication. Daily rates typically include three visits per day.


The cost of overnight pet sitting ranges from $50 to $150+ per night, with sitters staying 10 to 12 hours to care for the pets. Overnight sitting provides a familiar environment for dogs or cats that don’t do well in a boarding facility.


Pet sitters may offer a slight discount off their daily or nightly rate for weekend stays, charging $100 to $250 for stays from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Holiday weekends like Memorial Day or Labor Day cost more for the additional day and the higher demand.

Per week

Many pet sitters offer an even greater discount for extended stays. Booking a full week typically costs $200 to $400. This extended stay guarantees the sitter a consistent schedule for a longer period, making it more cost-effective for them.

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What impacts pet sitting rates?

The cost of pet sitting services depends on the number and type of pets, as well as their specific needs. Dogs typically require more frequent visits throughout the day compared to cats that can use a litter box. Additionally, puppies and kittens, senior pets, or those with special requirements may require more visits, increasing the overall cost.

House pet sitting rates calculator
Pet type Average rate per visit Average rate per day
Dog $10 – $35 $30 – $100
Cat $10 – $30 $20 – $60
Additional pet Add $5 per visit Add $10 per day

Several other factors influence pet sitting rates, including:

  • Location: Pet sitting rates are higher in urban areas and major cities due to the higher cost of living and operating a business in these locations.

  • Visit duration and frequency: Longer visits of 45 minutes to an hour cost more than shorter visits of 15 to 30 minutes. Likewise, multiple visits per day will increase the daily rate compared to just a single midday visit.

  • Services provided: Basic pet sitting covers feeding, providing fresh water, letting pets out for bathroom breaks, light exercise, and cleaning litter boxes. Additional services like administering medications, extended walks and playtime, grooming, or caring for senior or young pets often incur extra fees.

  • Holidays / peak periods: Pet sitting rates are typically higher during holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or spring break when demand is higher.

A pet sitter walking a happy dog for exercise
A pet sitter walking a happy dog for exercise

Alternatives to in-home pet sitting

Not everyone wants or needs to pay a premium for an in-home pet sitter. Luckily, there are other affordable options available:

  • Dog boarding costs $25 to $85 per night if you're traveling and need full-time pet care in a safe and supervised environment.

  • Doggy daycare costs $20 to $25 per half day and $30 to $50 per full day per dog and offers shorter daytime companionship and activities while you're at work.

Pet sitting FAQs

What is pet sitting?

Pet sitting is like babysitting for pets. Sitters care for your pet in your home while you're away, providing walks, playtime, feeding, and keeping them company.

Do you tip pet sitting services?

Tipping pet sitters is appreciated, but not required. It shows thanks for great service, similar to other service industries.

Do you need a license to pet sit?

Pet sitting typically does not require a license, but carrying insurance and certification can make you a more trusted and valuable sitter.

Do pet sitters stay overnight?

Yes, many professional and hobby pet sitters offer overnight services where they stay at the client's home to care for the pets overnight, typically for 10 to 12 hours.

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A pet sitter playing with a cat
A pet sitter playing with a cat

How to find the best pet sitter near you

Follow these steps to find qualified pet sitters who can provide the best care for your furry friend:

  • Be clear about your needs: Provide details like the type of pet, number of pets, dates and duration of care, and any special needs.

  • Get multiple quotes: Compare rates from several sitters to find the best fit for your budget and pet's needs.

  • Ask about services included: Make sure you understand what's included in the quoted price, such as walks, playtime, medication administration, and overnight stays.

  • Request references: Contact references provided by the sitter to get feedback on their experience.

  • Schedule a meet-and-greet: Before booking, meet the sitter in person with your pet to ensure a good fit.

Questions to ask a pet sitter

To pick a sitter you can trust to care for your pet, it's crucial to ask these important questions:

  • How long have you been pet sitting?

  • Are you certified in pet CPR or first aid?

  • Do you have insurance that covers pet injuries or property damage?

  • What services are included in your base rate (walks, playtime, feeding, etc.)?

  • Do you offer additional services like medication administration or overnight stays? If so, what are the extra charges?

  • How often will you visit my pet during the day (for daytime pet sitting)?

  • What is your approach to pet discipline and training?

  • How will you handle emergencies (illness, injury, escape)?

  • Do you have experience with pets with any behavioral challenges (separation anxiety, barking, etc.)?

  • Are you comfortable with my pet's specific needs (special diet, walks in specific locations, etc.)?

  • Will you send me text or email updates on my pet?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

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